See Shana perform live in The Closet Bitch April 12th!

So what is a Closet Bitch exactly? It’s a woman who’s uncomfortable with keeping it real and showing her strength and true feelings about a situation in order to keep those around her comfortable and happy. Basically in a nut shell, she’s a people pleaser. Shana diagnosed herself a few years back with the disease to please and was quite ashamed. But instead of continuing to live in the closet, she decided to make fun of her “yes woman” personality and write about her experiences with her mother, father, his mistress, her boyfriend, best friend, boss, co-workers and everyone in between who played a role in the life she lived as a Closet Bitch. This raw, dark comedy is touching and relatable as Shana plays 19 characters in 80 minutes at The Playroom Theater in NYC on April 12th 2017 and every Wednesday after!